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Is China stumbling into its own mortgage disaster?

The Chinese authorities’ drift on managing bad property debts feels eerily like the impending subprime crisis in 2007.

  • Shuli Ren

The sultan, his family and a $22b Malaysia oil dispute

The heirs to the last ruler of Sulu have seized state-owned energy assets in a lawsuit that dates back to colonial times.

  • Oliver Telling and Leo Lewis


US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, right, talks with Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati during the G20 Finance Ministers Meeting in Bali.

Russia’s war in Ukraine punches a hole in G20’s power

There were no walkouts this time but Russia’s presence at the G20 finance meeting in Bali again got in the way of a unified approach to deepening economic crises.

  • Updated
  • Emma Connors
Protesters make use of the swimming pool in the Sri Lankan president’s official residence in Colombo.

What Sri Lanka reveals about the risks in emerging markets

A number of developing economies face growing pressure from soaring energy and food costs and a stronger US dollar.

  • Martin Sandbu and Jonathan Wheatley and John Reed

This Month

Jumbo Floating Restaurant was being towed to Southeast Asia before it capsized.

Surprise tightening in Asia ups pressure on dovish central banks

Central banks in Asia that remained dovish even in the face of soaring inflation may see their resolve tested after a surprise tightening by peers in the region.

  • Low De Wei

Why the extended long weekend has become a thing

Turns out the pandemic did do some good. Remote working means people can stay out of town Fridays and Mondays as well - and hotels are grateful.

  • Emma Connors
Sri Lankans celebrate in Colombo after hearing of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s resignation.

Sri Lanka awaits new leader after fleeing president resigns

Protests against Sri Lanka’s economic crisis erupted this week, as they blamed the president and his family for runaway inflation, shortages of basic goods, and corruption.

  • Anusha Ondaatjie
Police patrol near the venue of the G20 finance ministers meeting in Bali.

War casts shadow over G20 finance chiefs meeting

Disagreements on the causes and ways to alleviate supply chain and inflation crises stemming from the war are set to complicate efforts to settle on a communiqué.

  • Michelle Jamrisko and Yudith Ho
Australian Agriculture Minister Murray Watt (right) with his Indonesian counterpart Syahrul Yasin Limpo.

Australia sends vaccines to stem foot and mouth outbreak in Indonesia

Agriculture Minister Murray Watt announced the vaccine push and a $500,000 grant to boost industry co-operation after meeting his Indonesian counterpart in Jakarta.

  • Emma Connors and Natalia Santi
Mulyani Indrawati said emerging markets’ energy transition should not come at high costs to the public.

Energy costs threaten emissions targets, emerging nations warn

With inflation rising globally amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, some countries have reverted to coal and other fossil fuel-based power or delayed their energy transition plans.

  • Andrea Shalal
Tetsuya Yamagami, accused of killing former prime minister Shinzo Abe, is escorted by police in Nara.

Assassin killed Abe after mother ‘sold home to church’

The gunman reportedly told police a grudge over his mother’s finances led him to kill the former Japanese prime minister.

  • Nicola Smith
A protestor runs for cover after soldiers fire tear gas during street violence in Colombo.

Sri Lanka’s protesters leave buildings but tensions stay high

The island nation is in a state of political limbo after the president, blamed for an economic crisis, fled the country.

  • Krutika Pathi
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Tokyo in 2016.

Abe was a policy man who relished the political battle

The former Japanese prime minister will be remembered for key economic and security policies, but also his mission to reform the country’s pacifist constitution.

  • Updated
  • Aurelia George Mulgan
Rishi Sunak took the first round.

Rishi Sunak wins first round of Tory contest to succeed Boris Johnson

The former chancellor won 88 votes, but lesser known dark-horse challenger Penny Mordaunt won 67 and is snapping at his heels.

  • Joe Mayes
Sri Lankan soldiers patrol near the official residence of president Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Sri Lanka’s president flees the country amid economic crisis

Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his wife fled to the Maldives after protesters stormed his home following an economic meltdown that triggered severe shortages of food and fuel.

  • Updated
  • Uditha Jayasinghe and Devjyot Ghoshal
Foreign ministers Penny Wong and Wang Yi met in Bali during a G20 summit.

Labor must learn China is not going away

Penny Wong is professional and diligent, but Prime Minister Anthony Albanese needs to change his advisers on China.

  • Geoff Raby
Protesters, many carrying Sri Lankan flags, gather outside the president’s office in Colombo on Saturday.

How a band of activists helped bring down Sri Lanka’s government

A Catholic priest, a digital strategist and a popular playwright sought to bring down a government. They did.

  • Devjyot Ghoshal and Uditha Jayasinghe
The US market is yet to take into account a hit on earnings.

Temasek’s China investments shrink

The state-owned company will slow investments across its $426 billion portfolio amid a “complex and challenging” global environment.

  • Emma Connors
The vehicle, right, carrying the body of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe leaves Zojoji temple after his funeral in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Japan bids sombre farewell to slain Shinzo Abe

Hundreds of people lined the streets outside a Buddhist temple in Tokyo where a funeral ceremony took place to pay their respects to the former prime minister.

  • Jon Herskovitz
Tetsuya Yamagami

Abe’s slaying shines spotlight on politicians’ links with Moonies

For decades, close ties between the Moonies and powerful figures in the governing Liberal Democratic Party have been a little-discussed open secret in Japanese politics.

  • Kana Inagaki, Antoni Slodkowski, Eri Sugiura and Christian Davies