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MLC’s head of humanities, Eric Ryan.

Why this teacher found lockdown ‘refreshing’

Burnout nearly drove Eric Ryan to quit teaching, but lockdowns offered fresh perspectives at work and home.

  • Georgie Moore

This Month

Shorter, sharper and more tightly focused courses are essential to solving the skills crisis,says Alison Watkins.

Learn and earn at the same time: the Watkins cure for skill shortages

The former Coca-Cola Amatil chief executive is calling for a better integrated education system across schools, vocational education and universities.

  • Julie Hare
Flexibility and cost were the chief considerations when Doris Xu signed up for an MBA on Coursera.

Why Macquarie Uni is offering a $39,000 MBA online

Disruption is exaggerated in the short term and under-estimated in the long term. For students, the benefits of online education platforms are profound.

  • Julie Hare
Striking teachers say they are underpaid and overworked but that’s not the full story.

There is no great resignation of teachers

Teaching is an attractive profession that many want to enter. The problem is there are too many barriers in the way.

  • Glenn Fahey
The link between productivity and education has been broken, says Michael Brennan.

Productivity paradox has experts questioning the quality of education

Australians have never been better educated, but productivity is at a 50-year low, according to the Productivity Commission.

  • Julie Hare
The average student debt ballooned by almost $1000 this June.

Inflation makes rising student debt a political hot potato

Students are already angry about watching student debts increase 5.1 per cent and the situation is set to worsen as inflation hits 7 per cent.

  • Julie Hare
A university education needs to be accessible to all, says Jason Clare.

Labor’s higher education agenda will pick up where Gillard left off

During his first major speech to the university sector, Jason Clare says there is still a lot of work to do to make university more accessible to poorer people.

  • Julie Hare
Universities Australia boss John Dewar says more money is needed.

‘Not perfect’ university sector needs more money, peak body says

Despite record surpluses, the chairman of Universities Australia says taxpayers need to invest more money in higher education.

  • Updated
  • Julie Hare
The University of Sydney accounted for half the combined $2.1 billion surplus of NSW universities in 2021.

Why IDP rescued universities in 2021 and ... why it won’t happen again

Universities in NSW saw an unexpected turnaround in their financial fortunes in 2021. But it’s unlikely to repeat itself.

  • Julie Hare
Carnegie Mellon University was the first to sign up to Mike Rann’s global education vision, and the last to leave.

After two decades, Rann’s global education vision splutters to an end

COVID-19 has packed another unexpected punch, this time bringing an end to Carnegie Mellon University’s 16-year tenure in Adelaide.

  • Julie Hare
Melbourne Grammar is among the private schools that should be applauded for its handling of sensitive issues.

Private schools must change how they are governed

Private and Catholic schools that won’t adapt to increased demands for accountability do not deserve the public money that taxpayers provide them.

  • John Simpson
Home affairs minister Clare O’Neil won’t be signing off individual visas for postgraduate students, for the time being at least.

O’Neil alters ministerial sign-off for postgraduate students

Home affairs minister Clare O’Neil has already changed legislation would need her signature every time an overseas student wanted to change their course.

  • Julie Hare


Data scientists and analysts need a broad mix of highly technical and soft skills.

Hard data jobs need to embrace soft skills

Analysts and scientists must explain complex results to non-technical stakeholders, which requires a specific set of talents.

  • Nicki Bourlioufas
University enrolments are on the way down as the booming job market lures young people to work.

Why bother with uni when there are jobs for the taking?

There are signs school-leavers are choosing work over university as companies make attractive offers to get their share of the employment pool.

  • Julie Hare
Plumpton High School students Katie Smith, Armin Riahi and Anisha Joyia with principal Tim Lloyd and ATSE boss Kylie Walker inspiring kids about AI.

The AI challenge must start in schools

Getting a hands-on experience with artificial intelligence will, hopefully, turn students on to a career in tech.

  • Julie Hare
The King’s School’s extravagant spending have renewed calls for the federal government to review funding to private schools.

Private plunge pool at The King’s School puts spotlight on inequality

Questions are being asked about why The King’s School principal earns more than the prime minister while it receives 20 per cent of its revenue from the public purse.

  • Julie Hare
Every day is a new experience.

Busting the myths about teaching

Teaching comes in for a bad rap. But it is an intellectually challenging, creative and absorbing career that changes lives.

  • Sean Butler

Melbourne tops Australian unis for executive MBA ranking

Melbourne Business School has again claimed top Australian spot in a global ranking of executive MBAs, while Monash University came from nowhere to score third spot.

  • Julie Hare
A concept image showcasing how the slides produce two different images depending on the direction that light travels through them.

Scientists could transform internet by ‘steering’ light

A breakthrough discovery involving scientists from Australia, Germany, Singapore and China could open the door to a new internet.

  • Julie Hare
Last year’s winner of the Lifetime Achievement award went to Professor Peter Dawkins.

Search on for Australia’s best universities

The AFR’s Higher Education Awards highlight the tremendous contribution the higher education sector makes to Australian prosperity and quality of life.

  • Julie Hare