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Soft, comfortable and moisture-wicking clothes by Juliette Hogan. Just stay away from wearing white on a plane.

Your guide to true comfort (and style) on a long-haul flight

Torn at the seams over what to wear? Ripped to shreds wondering how to style your threads? Send your fashion questions to our new column, How to Wear It.

  • Lauren Sams

This Month

Splashes of colour at the Hermès Ready to Wear show for Spring/Summer 2023.

I’m a man and I want to wear colour – so why can’t I find any?

Torn at the seams over what to wear? Ripped to shreds wondering how to style your threads? Send your style questions to our new column, How to Wear It.

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  • Lauren Sams
Extravagance and gilt are the theme at Schiaparelli, along with cinched hips and waists, and exposed breasts.

A whiff of the Gilded Age as couture designers embrace decadence

A war and cost-of-living crises around the world were left behind amid the gilt and glamour of the shows in Paris.

  • Lauren Indvik
Toasty Life is the Australian-made equivalent of the UK’s Dryrobe.

The fashionable look this winter? A waterproof, wearable tent

Once exclusively revered by the cold-water swimming set and hardcore surfers, robes lined with recycled Coke bottles are appearing everywhere.

  • Eugenie Kelly
Zoe Kravitz is happy to go bra-less.

Why Gen Zers are ditching their bras

A new generation of women are challenging the expectation that their breasts should be concealed. It’s a trend spreading among some older ones, too.

  • Laura Craik
French style icon Inès de la Fressange in Breton stripes.

French style is all about je ne sais quoi. What does that mean?

Effortless chic is much admired, but pinning it down is the tricky part for those of us who aspire to emulate it.

  • Lauren Sams
The Entrelacs Mysterieux bracelet is paired with Echo Mysterieux earrings with detachable pendants and an Echo Mysterieux ring.

They bought a 910-carat diamond. Then they split it 82 ways

Van Cleef & Arpels’ latest high jewellery collection is focused on just one stone, the Lesotho Legend, which is the fifth-largest gem of its kind on record.

  • Lauren Sams
Go glam in ballet flats.

The best flat shoes for the office (yes, you can wear them)

Torn at the seams over what to wear? Ripped to shreds wondering how to style your threads? Send your style questions to our new column, How to Wear It.

  • Lauren Sams


Ngali on the Indigenous Fashion Projects runway at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2022.

How fashion designer Denni Francisco celebrates Country with the world

The founder of Indigenous clothing label Ngali is on a mission to tell people around the globe “who we are and who we’ve always been”.

  • Jane Cornwell
Dior cruise

Dior designer Maria Grazia Chiuri’s really radical fashion idea

The womenswear director of the French couture house is breaking barriers in the most glamorous way imaginable.

  • Vanessa Friedman
The 20.05 carat emerald-cut solitaire diamond ring that sold for an Australian auction record of $1.3 million hammer, or $1.625 million with buyer’s premium, at Leonard Joel in Sydney.

Is buying a ‘real’ diamond a mug’s game?

With lab-grown diamonds being chemically, physically and optically identical to mined diamonds, what does it mean to buy a “real diamond” today?

  • Campbell Kwan
Marc Freeman and Camilla Freeman-Topper.

Stars of fashion get people talking about their mother’s silent killer

The brother and sister behind Camilla and Marc lost their mother to ovarian cancer almost 30 years ago. The disease leaves few survivors, so they took up the mantle of fundraising themselves.

  • Lauren Sams

How you can get a covetable watch even as demand soars

Inflation may be driving up prices, but quality can still be found in the four-figure range – and Tissot leads the way.

  • Bani McSpedden
Alexis Todorovski at Ra Ra Superstar, vintage and recycled boutique. People want options, she says.

How we could find riches in rags

Australians are the second-highest consumers of textiles globally – so why is there no national framework for recycling them?

  • Lauren Sams
Paris comes to Perth: The 700 sq m Chanel flagship at Raine Square.

Is Perth Australia’s hottest luxury destination? Chanel says oui

With a new boutique opening in Raine Square, the French brand is targeting a clientele that is hungry for “world-class” elite retail therapy.

  • Lauren Sams
Tulle rules at Milan Fashion Week in February 2022.

Why women are loving dressing like girls

Regressive? Restorative? The rising popularity of ultra-girly clothing brands can be interpreted in different ways.

  • Lauren Sams
A diamond and emerald tiara from the 1830s that transforms into a brooch and hair ornaments. It was created by Chaumet jeweller Jean-Baptiste Fossin.

Botany stars at French jeweller’s uncommon show

When Chaumet tapped the botanical director of Marrakech’s most famous garden to curate an exhibition of its treasures, he focused on gems of a different kind.

  • Lauren Sams
Ahead of launching Zimmerman’s 2023 collection, creative director Nicky Zimmerman says designers may take inspiration from the brand but they would do better to look inwards and identify their own strengths.

The secret to Zimmermann’s 31-year success? Staying in its lane

Most business leaders speak of pivoting and adapting, but for Australian fashion house Zimmermann sticking to what works, well, works.

  • Lauren Sams
“When you think of a library, you should think of Assouline,” says Alex Assouline.

Why luxury publisher Assouline is shooting for the moon

The brand is no longer just about stylish books, says the 28-year-old scion and chief operations officer. It’s about everything you might find in a library.

  • Lauren Sams
Once clothes are made at scale, the law on fashion gets more complicated.

Who owns that bikini design? The answer isn’t as clear as you think

For Australian designers, the issue of copyright and ownership is a continuing – not to mention laborious and expensive – challenge.

  • Lauren Sams