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Engineers Australia Chief Engineer Jane MacMaster says the new daily rate proposed by Treasury doesn’t sufficiently take into account differences in a firm’s size and experience - or the complexity of a job.

Jobs summit must find a way to maximise skilled migrant talent

The gathering must chart a path to getting skilled migrants out of delivery driver jobs and into professional roles, Engineers Australia chief engineer Jane MacMaster said.

  • Joanna Mather
What if universities can’t keep pace with the digital experience expected by their students?

Could students attend uni as avatars on a virtual campus?

Learning in 2030 might be like listening to music via Spotify - a do-it-yourself, self-directed exercise a very low fee.

  • Richard Cawood

This Month

Israel wants the raw data, not after it’s been cleaned and published, which usually takes time, says Dr Alroy-Preis.

This radar system could discover the next health threat

Israel led the world in some aspects of the pandemic and is now building a new system to keep on top of COVID-19 and other diseases.

  • Jill Margo
Health Minister Mary-Anne Thomas.

Appetite for COVID-19 rules wanes

Victoria has rejected medical advice to reimpose mask mandates and the federal government will scrap free rapid antigen tests.

  • Natasha Boddy, Gus McCubbing and AAP

Doctor warns antivirals can affect reproductive health

The two drugs approved in Australia, Lagevrio and Paxlovid, have different possible side effects on reproduction and pre-existing heath issues.

  • Jill Margo
Walk-in vax centre in Melbourne, one of the last remaining centres open ahead of the start of the winter booster campaign.

Get a PCR test, not a RAT, early so anti-virals can work, says AMA

People with COVID symptoms should get a PCR test to get an early accurate diagnosis so as to take advantage of anti-viral drugs

  • Tom Burton and Jill Margo
Professor Smith says a new study shows survival at each stage of prostate cancer has increased in the last 30 or 40 years, and particularly in men with distant spread.

Why 6000 extra prostate cancers is not really an increase at all

While official figures make it seem like an extra 6000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year, it is not the case.

  • Jill Margo
Bosses are bracing for record employee absences as a result of the next wave of COVID-19 cases.

Bosses brace for a month of record sick leave as new variants spread

Absenteeism typically peaks in August but health authorities expect late season influenza B cases and rising COVID-19 infections to be unprecedented.

  • Tom Burton and Tess Bennett
Australian Education Union federal president Correna Haythorpe.

School funding negotiations hobbled from outset

A review that is to lay the foundation for negotiations over the next school funding agreement has been excluded from considering funding.

  • Julie Hare
One of the main takeaways is that retractions of research articles come too late.

Retractions aren’t a panacea for bad research

Retractions of academic articles do not just hurt the careers of researchers, a new study finds that they also fail to reduce misinformation’s reach.

  • Erin Blakemore
The Andrews government in Victoria is removing its vaccine mandates for critical industries.

It’s time to dump corporate vaccine mandates

There is no longer a public health rationale for businesses terminating employees for failing to be vaccinated.

  • Nick Coatsworth
“While aircraft are getting better and better at flying longer and longer, it’s important to realise there are stresses in the cabin environment and these can interact with existing health problems, ” says professor Cable

What you need to know before travelling ultra long-haul

While there are many advantages to getting where you need to go quickly and without fuss, there are downsides too.

  • Jill Margo
The World Health Organisation estimates the global death toll at 15 million people.

Suffering from pandemic fatigue? Well, get over it

After a relentless two years, we all want to put the pandemic behind us but moving on too quickly is dangerous.

  • Andrew Wear
About 150,000 Victorians live in either public housing provided by the government or community housing run by registered organisations.

‘Broken’ system putting Victorian residents at risk

Victorian social housing residents are dealing with a broken complaints handling system that is putting health and safety at risk, the state ombudsman says.

  • Cassandra Morgan
 Prevention usually saves health system expenditure down the line, by preventing disease that clogs up health systems.

What an Australian CDC should look like

The new national public health body that is proposed by Labor will also need to connect up Australia’s scrappy patchwork of health data.

  • Antony Blakely
Hospitals, already operating at peak capacity, are likely to see even more  cases with predictions a new more contagious variant is likely to take over.

Virologists predict new ‘centaurus’ variant will drive next virus wave

A new second-generation COVID-19 variant known as BA.2.75 has multiple immune-escaping mutations, which virologists say is likely to drive a new wave of global infection.

  • Tom Burton
“We’re just not getting the doses out that we need to get [out],” says Mark Butler.

If you can afford them, antiviral drugs will help you in the next wave

Australia has good stocks of medications to protect people against severe COVID-19. But getting a subsidised script for them is not always easy.

  • Jill Margo

The real problem with teachers’ pay (in five graphs)

Teachers in NSW have gone on strike three times in six months, arguing they are not earning enough. Here are five graphs that explain how much they get paid.

  • Julie Hare
“The world might be moving on, but unfortunately the virus isn’t and there’s always a chance they may be bringing in a new strain,” says professor Smart.

Why it’s a bad idea to sneak home with COVID-19

A negative coronavirus test is no longer needed for entry into Australia and trust is wearing thin as infected travellers fly home.

  • Jill Margo


The King’s School.

King’s School headmaster splashes out

The lot of a headmaster has few consolations … but there’s always plunge pools.

  • Neil Chenoweth