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This Month

Dalton Fogarty met Rich Lister Shaun Bonett while volunteering at university.

This young exec met a Rich Lister while at uni. Now he works for him

Dalton Fogarty is one of the BOSS Young Executives for 2022. He started out in investment banking but is now head of strategy at digital gift card company Prezzee.

  • Sally Patten
Left to right: Martin Curtis, Yash Sodhi; Jesse Arundell; Amy Goldenberg; Matt freeman; Dalton  Fogarty.

The traits that stand out in the 2022 BOSS Young Executives

Given the challenges facing business, this year’s cohort of BOSS Young Executives need to be curious and able to learn quickly – and they have those qualities in spades.

  • Sally Patten
Amy Goldenberg, who joined Ampol about 16 months ago, says she loves helping to improve the environment.

Meet the electric car executive who studied anthropology

Amy Goldenberg is one of the six BOSS Young Executives for 2022. She is head of e-Mobility at petrol refiner Ampol.

  • Sally Patten
Matt Freeman originally wanted to be a physio for a professional basketball team.

Family tragedy led this CFO to the decision to switch companies

Matt Freeman is one of the 2022 BOSS Young Executives. After his daughter died, he resigned as AWN’s chief financial officer and is on leave before a new role.

  • Sally Patten
Manny Maceda says COVID-19 showed business how fast it could change.

Bain CEO hails COVID-19 disruption

In an exclusive interview, Manny Maceda, global CEO of management consultants Bain & Co, says the pandemic will accelerate business transformation strategies.

  • Tony Boyd
“I was in a rush to do things as a young kid,” says APA chief Rob Wheals.

The best advice I have ever been given: don’t be in a rush

Rob Wheals is the chief executive of gas pipeline operator APA Group. He answers our CEO Q&A.

  • Colin Packham
From a young age Martin Curtis wanted to be in business.

How this executive landed an MBA without getting a degree first

Martin Curtis is one of the BOSS Young Executives for 2022. Propelled by his “incredible gift” of dyslexia, he is head of Google partners at the search giant.

  • Sally Patten
The CEO pay train ain’t chugging along like it used to.

The surprising news about CEO pay

Chief executives are still being handsomely rewarded, but growth in their remuneration has stalled in the past decade thanks to several factors. 

  • James Thomson
Yash Sodhi studied commerce at the University of Melbourne, doing internships at KordaMentha and National Australia Bank along the way.

This executive nabbed a grad job at Lehman – and then it collapsed

Yash Sodhi is one of the BOSS Young Executives for 2022. He not only survived the collapse of Lehman Brothers, he is now CFO of Challenger Funds Management.

  • Sally Patten
Jesse Arundell joined CBA in 2014 as a marketing intern.

How this executive became CBA’s head of emerging technology at 28

Jesse Arundell is one of the six BOSS Young Executives for 2022. His goal is to be a chief technology officer.

  • Sally Patten
Telstra Chief Sustainability Officer Justine Rowe

Carbon farm puts Telstra in front

A telecom and digital networks giant committed to a cleaner future and a company using the blockchain to create supply chain transparency are award-winners in the Sustainability Leaders Technology, Media & Telecommunications category.

  • Mark Eggleton
Laurie Kozlovic said a project by Woolworths 360 had led to the retailer signing its first renewable energy agreement, with CWP Renewables.

Woolworths, Planet Protector win Sustainability Leaders awards

A clear focus on the circular economy has lifted a supermarket and a packaging manufacturer to the top of the Financial Review Sustainability Leaders list.

  • Sally Patten
Sustainability needs to be embedded within business strategy, says Dr Gary Veale, of Melbourne Business School.

Sustainability action is urgent, but there’s a capability gap

Businesses are enthusiastic about the idea of sustainability but there is great deal of hit and miss over how to put it into action.

  • Gary Veale
Arup’s Kerryn Coker

We must go beyond reducing emissions, say Sustainability Leaders

Many leaders are embarking on meaningful action to reduce the carbon footprint of their businesses and establish guiding principles of sustainability.

Woolworths Group

How we decided who made the Sustainability Leaders list

What is a sustainable business model innovation? How the Financial Review and BCG decided who made the list.

  • BCG Team
Kinetic electric buses

A sustainable competitive advantage saves the planet as well

Sustainability Leaders are both differentiating on ESG issues and co-operating to solve industry sustainability challenges, says BCG.

  • Rebecca Russell

Shopping centre’s green credentials set gold standard

A diverse property company that has built the world’s most sustainable shopping centre and a property firm with a cloud-based platform that provides analytics solutions are award-winners in the Sustainability Leaders Property & Construction category.

  • Mark Eggleton
Matt Jensen, CEO of M.J. Bale (right)

M.J. Bale’s zero-emission wool takes a cycle ride into fashion world

A clothier crafting garments from sustainable natural fibres and a supermarket chain with its own experts working on sustainability solutions are award-winners in the Sustainability Leaders Retail, Hospitality, Travel & Entertainment category.

  • Therese Raft

ResourceCo ahead of recycling curve

A global leader in the recovery of primary resources and an energy company that has built the world’s only hardware for sharing rooftop solar to apartments are award-winners in the Sustainability Leaders Resources, Energy & Utilities category.

  • Therese Raft

Arup reinvests profits on earth-saving solutions

A multinational firm reinvesting some of its profits on sustainability challenges and a technology platform that helps identify modern slavery risks are award-winners in the Professional Services, Engineering and Advisory category.

  • Mark Eggleton