• New: Create your own branded app for your restaurant

    Build customer loyalty with an intuitive app that lets them quickly place orders, make reservations and more—available on Google Play and the App Store. Get Started

  • Now you can set up Recurring Events

    Save yourself time and energy, use Recurring Events to schedule multiple occurrences of the same event all at once. Learn more
  • Launch holiday campaigns faster

    Create campaigns across multiple channels using new ready-to-go templates and let customers know about upcoming holiday promotions. Get started

  • Create your own reusable code packages

    No more copy-paste. Now you can package your code and reuse it across your sites. To get started, go to the Velo Sidebar, click Code Files and choose Create a Package. Learn more
  • Site Monitoring is now called Logs

    Logs let you get info about site events, examine live site events and connect events to external monitoring tools. Just go to your dashboard’s Developer Tools and select Logs. Learn more
  • Bring traffic to your site with Google Search Ads by Cobiro

    Easily track user analytics, set keywords and get useful insights to help the right people find your site. Get started

  • Get paid upfront with PayPal’s pay later options

    Let customers shop the way they want with a payment option that works for them. Add PayPal to offer flexible buy now, pay later options on your site. Connect now 
  • Now available: Verify your site with Naver Webmaster Tools

    Verify your domain, claim ownership of your site and manage your site’s presence in search results with Naver Webmaster Tools. Get started

  • More customization options for structured data markups

    Add and edit multiple structured data markups on pages of the same type in one go. Create custom markups, use variables and modify our built-in presets. Get started

  • Seamlessly set your robots meta tags on site pages

    Tell search engines how to interact with pages on your site with custom robots meta tags. Apply them to individual or multiple pages all at once. Get started